The Children's Book-sharing Project is a large-scale joint event that connects schools, companies, communities, and the media together for the purpose of collecting and donating used children's books to rural areas.

Project Background

  • Due to remote rural locality and disparity in economic resources, children in rural areas have limited access to children's books that are crucial in building their reading and learning habits during their critical growing period.

  • Libraries in rural areas are poorly managed and library services are lightly used. There are not enough quality children's books in rural libraries.

  • Children in urban families own more books than those in rural area. The Project aims to improve the utility of urban reading resources and building a habit of sharing among urban children at the same time.

Project Features

  • Collection and processing of used children's books (Reselecting, classifying and sterilizing)

  • Recipients receive one-year free license of the STARS Library Management System

  • Progress report on the Project will be provided for donors and the public to know where the donated books are distributed to.

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