STARS works with both rural primary schools and rural communities on the STARS Library Project. Since 2011, STARS has donated 71 libraries in Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou and Qinghai Provinces, among which 66 libraries are primary school libraries and 5 are community libraries. STARS's donation includes books, bookshelves, tables and chairs, computers and a library management system. Based on the library facilities, STARS designs and delivers children's reading activities and provides training to the teachers and librarians to make sure the library is open to all students and teachers in the school. In 2017 STARS initiated the joint library project with STARS and the school both investing half of the library facilities and collections. Meanwhile, STARS also allies schools and libraries across the region to build a children's reading alliance to promote exchanges within the region.

STARS Library Project takes place over a three-year period, during which STARS works continuously with the school to provide annual library upgrades, deliver reading courses and activities, train teachers and librarians, and conduct regular monitoring and evaluation in accordance with the project baselines. After the three year project cycle STARS performs a final evaluation of the library performance and if the library meets all project baselines, the library is considered self-sustainable and enters into a steady period in which continuous funding from STARS may be available through an application-based process.

STARS's project team regularly reviews and improves the working process and standards for its library project and activities, which include library operation and management baselines, book classification system, librarian working guidelines, and etc. These improvements are conducted to make sure that STARS library project and activities meet its project baselines and teachers and librarians, schools and partners continuously receive standardized and professional support from STARS.

Project Management Process


Features of STARS Library

The STARS Library is designed to increase the access of children in less-developed regions to good quality children's books and children-friendly reading environment, and promote a love of reading and learning.

  • Feature 1: Quality Children's Books

    The STARS Library celebrates a collection of diverse children's books and a STARS Book Classification System that is simple and children-friendly.

  • Feature 2:Children-friendly Reading Environment

    The STARS Library is designed to provide a safe and children-friendly reading environment for readers.

  • Feature 3:Local Engagement

    The STARS Library Project celebrates full local engagement in library building and operation and actively involves teachers and students in promoting a love of reading.

  •  Feature 4:Self-sustainable Library

    The STARS Library Project conducts regular library upgrades, provides on-going training and support, and monitors and evaluates library operation, to make sure the library meets self-sustainability standards after three years.

  •  Feature 5:Library and Reading Activities

    The STARS Library Project recommends sample library programs and provides funding support to attract teachers to design and deliver library and reading activities. STARS also actively involves volunteers in promoting reading in rural schools.

  •  Feature 6:Open Reading Corners

    STARS provides funding support to schools to establish classroom library and open reading corners to improve book circulation and promote reading.