Teacher training and development is a decisive step in further improving reading quality in rural areas. Since 2012, STARS's library project has successfully raised the awareness and understanding of the importance of reading among teachers and librarians, local schools and communities. Further training and support is needed in how to provide reading and learning instructions, how to design and deliver library programs and activities, how to support teaching and learning within the teaching goals of the school, and etc. STARS thus began to deliver the Teacher Development Project in response to the growing needs in these areas.

Components of the Project

Components of the Teacher Development Project include development primary school reading curriculum and teacher training, STARS library collection development, promotion of school-wide reading activities, and establishment of regional reading promotion alliance.

  • Primary School Reading Curriculum and Teacher Training

    The primary school reading curriculum designed by STARS research team covers 4 types of library and literacy programs, which are library introduction program, reading literacy program, information literacy program, and stories and storytelling techniques. A teacher's handbook and a student handbook are developed to support the delivery of the reading curriculum.

    To promote the reading curriculum and improve teacher's capability in delivering these library programs, STARS research team conducts a training program to teachers and librarians within STARS reading alliance member schools. Modules of the training program include understanding of children's literature, school library introduction, library and literacy program design, introduction of the reading curriculum and sample reading lessons.

  • STARS Library Collection Development

    STARS library collection development focuses on a series of STARS library book lists recommended for small, medium and large libraries, for the reading curriculum, and for teachers and librarian. STARS has also designed a teacher's reading pack to support teacher development as well.

  • School-wide Reading Promotion

    The Program was initiated in 2016 and in every semester, a series of reading activity plans from Grade One to Grade Six developed by STARS reading research team are delivered to schools and teachers for their application. Participants in the Program will receive prizes designed by STARS after they finish the activities.

  • STARS Reading Alliance

    STARS established the 1st regional reading promotion alliance in 2016 in Xinxing Country, Guangdong Province. The Alliance has a Principals Committee and a Teacher Librarian Association as its major components in reading promotion within the network. Annual meetings and symposiums gathers principals and teachers and librarians in the region to discuss issues and encourage exchanges in reading promotion and library development.